At 新澳门六合彩投注 we offer a wide variety of services to fit all your healthcare needs and concerns. Our many services are all housed at our main locations, allowing you to get all your healthcare needs and concerns for the entire family addressed in one stop. That is the Genesis way.

Access to services will never be denied due to an inability to pay. Apply at any location for our Sliding Fee Program to see if you qualify for discounts based on family size and income.


Case Management Program

Case Management Program

Case Management is a patient management program designed to improve the health of patients with chronic illnesses.

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Primary Care

Primary Care

Our primary care focuses on prevention, diagnosing symptoms, and simply helping you answer the question of 鈥渨hat’s wrong?鈥

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Diagnostic Lab Services

Laboratory services

Our on-site laboratory services help us monitor factors including thyroid health, essential minerals, blood health, liver and kidney health, and many more essential aspects of your body that affect your day-to-day health.

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Diagnostic X-Ray

Diagnostic x-rays

Our X-ray services are a non-invasive, internal diagnostics tool to help our doctors examine problem areas, monitor the progression of diseases, and check treatment effectiveness.

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Diagnostic Screenings

Diagnostic screenings

At Genesis, we work hard to make sure that we can help prevent any major issues, along with effectively treating them when they are present.

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Ultrasound and Echocardiography

Ultrasounds and Echo-cardiography

At Genesis, we provide both ultrasound and echocardiography or cardiac echo services to monitor heart health and well-being.

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Bone Density Testing

Bone density testing

At Genesis, we perform on-site bone density testing to help detect signs for the disease osteoporosis.

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Vaccines & Immunizations

Vaccines & Immunizations

One of the first steps in staying healthy is preventing getting sick overall. With the Genesis vaccine and immunization program, patients can get all the essential vaccines and shots.

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Gynecological care

OB/GYN care

Our OB/GYN Care has a full variety of services for women of all ages, that will keep you happy and healthy.

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On-site Pharmacy

On-site Pharmacy

Genesis has a focus on making healthcare convenient for all of our patients. Our on-site pharmacies make your trips efficient and effective.

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Foot Care Clinic

Foot Care

Foot pain can make even small tasks very uncomfortable and challenging. Genesis鈥 Foot Care can help with all foot-related ailments.

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Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary Function Testing

The health of your lungs is essential to your overall health. Our on-site pulmonary function tests are used to screen for and diagnose major lung diseases like COPD and asthma.

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As a part of our commitment to improving community health, Genesis also provides you with transportation services to and from your appointments.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

As a more recent addition to the Genesis healthcare service line, our Behavioral Health division is still growing and developing.

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Behavioral Health


Taking care of children is a vital part of 新澳门六合彩投注 and includes care of both sick and well infants, children and teens.

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